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Skylab 3 Close-Up


We will launch the postcard to the International Space Station, bring it back on Earth and send it to you.



A close-up view of the Skylab space station photographed against an Earth background from the Skylab 3 Command/Service Module during station keeping maneuvers prior to docking. The Ilba Grande de Gurupa area of the Amazon River Vally of Brazil can be seen below. Aboard the command module were astronauts Alan L. Bean, Owen K. Garriott, and Jack R. Lousma, who remained with the Skylab space station in Earth’s orbit for 59 days. This picture was taken with a hand-held 70mm Hasselblad camera using a 100mm lens and SO-368 medium speed Ektachrome film. Note the one solar array system wing on the Orbital Workshop (OWS) which was successfully deployed during extravehicular activity (EVA) by the first Skylab crew. The parasol solar shield which also was deployed by the first Skylab crew can be seen through the support struts of the Apollo Telescope Mount.

Date: July 28, 1973.



Thanks Elon! – Toucan Space 4 (August 2021)


International Space Station (ISS)


10×10cm (approximately 3.9×3.9 inches)